The Pyramid Club Newark, NJ


Welcome to Siena (Tourist Map):

I constructed this map from the existing tourist map over a weekend.  The project was a good exercise in being obsessive compulsive about coloring and staying in the lines.  The map is about public and private and wanting to blur the lines between the two and make Siena my home for weeks.

Victims and Executioners:

I met two Italian students in one of the gardens in Siena.  They shared with me some of the philosophy they were studying and I decided to author it for myself in English and using my own symbols.  The philosophy discussed seemed applicable to the concepts of minding / breeching the wall.

Class Notes (Path Concepts):

The diagram above notes and illustrates some concepts I am exploring while in Siena.  The illustration shows one state of the wall and the interplay of man-made and raw nature.  I call the illustration minding the wall.


I am contemplating faith a lot in Siena and basically my conclusion is that everything is faith in a state of entropy.  The painting is based on the southern portion of the Siena map.  Drawn are nature, health, residential, public, academic, and religious faith.

Siena: Diagramming the City

I feel that it is important to diagram Siena from the general to the specific.  Above are the diagrams.

The Path:

Above places are annotated along my path in Siena.

I took lunch in the Siena cemetery and mainly contemplated and appreciated life.

Here is section analysis of the area around Porta Laterina.  The sections go from urban to rural and from man-made nature to raw nature.


This is one of my favorite piazzas.  I liked taking green bean breakfasts on the church steps.

I spent an afternoon in the Botanical Gardens of Siena.

These are drawings from the park adjacent to Porta Laterina.


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